Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Slowing Down?

Why do I always think that things are going to slow down. I guess I've got a flat learning curve on that one. What has been going on? No surprise trips to Europe or anything. L was sick until yesterday when her fever FINALLY went away. Six days of fever is miserable. I did take her to the doctor on Friday. They did a quick strep test, but it was negative. I guess it was just some virulent virus.
Friday night I went camping with the Boy/Cub scouts. It was fine if a bit chilly. The boys have good sleeping bags but I had the Kmart/slumber party number. I slept in about three layers, though, and did ok. I. of course, crept out early and got COFFEE!!!!. How do people camp without coffee. (My addiction is a sad thing.)
Saturday evening we went to a bonfire/cookout/Halloween party. We left L home with E who is far too cool to attend this sort of event anyway. The kids who went had a good time playing football, climbing trees and doing the hayride thing. The weather Saturday was great. That of course ended sometime Sunday morning because by the time I got up it was spitting snow. We went to church and then came home and made a fire, watched football and finally gave Mel her cake. She turned three on Friday but we were too busy that day. I had planned on having people over on Sunday but called them and told them they probably didn't want to come to the House of Illmess. I don't think Mel cared at all. She got cake and presents. That is pretty much all you need when you are three. I didn't get any pictures because my digital camera seems to have died. I'll need to get another one, but I don't know when. I keep thinking that if I just push enough buttons it will work again.
Monday morning C vomited all over his sheets. Not my favorite way to be awakened, so he stayed home from school too. Maybe today will be slower? Yeah, right!

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