Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Happenings

Well between town Halloween festivals, teen parties, church bonfires, and pre-school parties I'm holidayed out before it's even here. Everyone seems to be having fun and I just keep making all the junk disappear when they go to bed.

I've been trying to buy a new treadmill. I've had no luck. After much research Dh decided on a model, and low and behold now it is discontinued. I'm looking again.

I'm also arguing with the insurance company. I suspect they are in cahoots with either the blood pressure medicine cartel or the prozac lobby, because you need on or the other after speaking to them.

It is time for basketball sign ups. Argh, just argh!

For the record, my 5yo is adorable. He's been calling my ma'am. Then he says "How do you like that ma'am stuff ma'am. You like it, huh? huh?

Last question: Who decided six kids, six pumpkins and sharp, pointy implements would be a good idea?


Anonymous said...

Yuck about the insurance company.
What helped me when I used to have to do battle with them while we were in the US was to pretend that I was just a secretary sorting the problem out for someone else; stopped me from getting quite so stressed and wound up.

And your 5yo does sound completely adorable :)

Paula said...

Feeling scroogish--we didn't buy or carve pumpkins this year. No one comes to my house, so it just seems a waste of money and energy, not to mention the mess it makes! And of course we've been pretty busy--there hasn't been a "right" time.