Monday, October 16, 2006


We have crossed the sports finish least for autumn. Football concluded last week and the boys enjoyed a lock in on Friday night. No word as to whether the coaches enjoyed it. Elementary cross country was to finish Wednesday, but they called the race for snow. Ack! Saturday included the final soccer games and we finished up with that awards ceremony last night. Sigh--made it. Now I'll breathe before basketball (the sport that never ends) begins.
Saturday I went with the Brownies to a Pumpkin Kingdom. I'm proud to say that my group left the corn maze with the same number of girls that entered. My nerves are still laying in shreds somewhere inside. This coming Friday I am supposed to go with my Cub Scours to a Boy Scout camp out. Let us all now bend our knees and plead that the weather warms up, ALOT! Hopefully now that things are slower I will be able to blog more often, though what there will be to talk about if we actually stay home I don't know.

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Jody said...

It will be nice to see you back to blogging!

We are in the home stretch here with sports as well. The last weekend in October will bring the end to soccer season and life will slow down considerably!