Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Twenty Years Ago Today

The weather was cold and stormy and my now dh had the flu. I wondered if universal karma was trying to send me a message. It seemed we had not chosen a propitious day for marriage, but here we are. Not bankrupt, not abusive, not having affairs, even sharing a bedroom. Dr. Phil and Oprah would find us unique, LOL. Anyway, Happy Anniversary to us.

Top Five Reasons I'll Keep DH
1) He goes to work everyday so I don't have to.
2) He makes sure I have an ice scraper and candy bars in the glove box come winter.
3) We have good "chemistry".
4) He bought into the 'let's have six kids' logic.
5) He tactfully refrains from pointing out my possibly annoying habits.


ma said...

Happy Anni!!

O_Scientist said...

Happy anniversary!

Wow, 20 years, not bad.

Kudos to him for putting up with you for so long ^^


Paula said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you're keeping him. I don't think it's so long--we'll celebrate 20 in May.

Griffmama said...

Good God, has it been 20 years?! I was at said event, and I can't believe it was that long ago... Happy Anniversary!