Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catch Up

Sill feeling kind of wonky. Headache from hell? Swine flu without the flu? Dh suggested brain tumor. Always a bright spot my husband. I haven't caught up the school front lately so here goes:

*note-This sounds impressive when you put it in one place but much of this was accompanied by whining and complaining and sheer cussedness. I think the only topic he really likes is history

LA-Lots and lots of books, some even had little medals on the front in the hopes I won't pass on my dreadful literary tastes. We've also studied, pronouns, analogies, similies, characterization, inferences, vocab and spelling words

Math-Rightstart-money including how to make change, because I hate it when people cannot make change. Just count folks. This led us to some discussion of decimal points. We also worked on doing addition in his head and subtraction and some more multiplication. He was glad to learn the trick to multiplying by 10, 100, 1000, etc.

Science-We finished a sort of ecology unit covering biomes, habitat, balance of nature with some migration, hibernation and metamorphosis thrown in and a detour into sleep states

History-We will NEVER be done with the Greeks. He got all involved in the Peloponesian Wars. Hiss Xerxes, yeah Leonidas. We explored some History channel stuff but the BBC's seemed better researched. We will move on to Alexander next week or else. I'm glad he has enjoyed this but enough already. There's lots more blood and guts to be had in the coming history.

Everything else-Cursive crawls on. I get the feeling if disgraphia exists he's got it. We studied a smattering of autumn topics from a unit study and did a chromatography experiment with leaves, watched a video of popcorn popping, learned about pumpkins and Samhain and Celts. Spanish class and PE crawled on. Tomorrow we're visiting a pumpkin patch. The public school kids have a day off so we're just going to do the field trip and call it good.

She's content to color, paint, read, do connect the dots and mazes, write numbers and count and do simple addition. That's enough for me.

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