Friday, October 16, 2009


I am officially sick of rainy autumn days. One or two are great for snuggling down with a book but enough already. Fall in Indiana is supposed to be full of warm, sunny days and golden leaves. Most of the leaves are residing in my front yard, knocked down by all the water. Where is global warming? The summer never really got started and now I'm being deprived of autumn too. Mel said yesterday that she wants to move where it's always warm. I guess I know who I'll visit often in my dotage (which contrary to some snarky teens opinion, is NOT YET).


truth said...

It was the same here. I was still waiting for the hot summer when cold descended. I can't complain today, though. It is beautiful and will be in the 70's through the weekend. Dh is golfing and I have the day to myself!

Anonymous said...

I hear you! When I woke up this morning and the sun was out I actually jumped out of bed and threw open the drapes. It's still chilly...but at least it isn't pouring.