Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Three Year Degree

Someone, somewhere is thinking. Some colleges and universities are offering three year degrees. It caught my attention because my Alma Mater good ol' Ball State is mentioned as being one of those with the offering. Our minds are on all things college as E graduates in May. She has 3 AP credits to date and has yet to take two more AP tests as she is still in the class. She is third in a class of 500 so she has worked hard. It's a matter of how to best manage the costs, not a matter of if she will be accepted. She has figured out the three year idea herself, planning on taking summer classes and completing as quickly as possible. Of course her next planned step is joining the Peace Corp so not racking up debt is important. Her career plans are not going to lead to 'big money'.

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Paula said...

Third in her class! Schools should be lining up to pay for her to come!