Friday, October 09, 2009

Week In Review (If I Can Remember It All)

Busy at the homestead this week. We had something to do every stinking night. Ah well, can't complain about being bored.
School wise (which sounds like Samwise) we got quite a bit accomplished.

For reasons unknown to me he has taken a shine to Jabberwocky so we read that a million times. I explained who Lewis Carroll was and Alice in Wonderland (which I loathe), etc.
Inferences at T4L, pronoun agreement, F read A Halloween Mystery and did a book report. We started The Boxcar Children as a read-aloud. He's on lesson 13 in his vocab book. I'm looking at getting something that uses Latin word roots for his next book since we'll be done with this one in 10 weeks.
He's got the 1,2,3,5,10,11 multiplication facts memorized. We also continued to work on 2 digit addition in his head. He did a page of story problems and a couple Rightstart lessons on time which were mostly review. Oh, and he did T4L multiplication too.
We've been working on what I'm terming ecology. We worked on biomes, food chains, the (Disney sounding) circle or life ie. producers/consumers/decomposers. We also talked a lot about photosynthesis and the changing color of the leaves.
He loves those Greeks. He thought he'd rather live in Athens but read about the Spartans. We also looked at Cyrus and those wacky Persians.

We struggled through cursive though he hates putting pen, pencil or crayon for that matter to paper. We also attended homeschool PE and Spanish. I can now not only ask for the bathroom and order a beer but identify numerous body part.

He also somewhere picked up Moby Dick info and had a ton of questions about that story? I think it came from a Timmy Turner episode on Nickelodeon. There was also a ton of Animal Planet watching and today he got hooked on a history channel show on Hannibal (the general, not the cannibal).

All the above science, though she doesn't retain everything. Lots, lots, lots of reading. Especially Fancy Nancy (whom I also loathe). Just saying. She's got quite a few dolce sight words down and is slowly sounding stuff out with help. Math is still simple addition and subtraction. She hates all the patterns and sorting stuff. She gets it so we're done with that.

Oh and let's not forget that I made a hobbit cloak for my 15yo for a book report presentation for his honors English class! What happened to writing a perfectly good report and moving on. What's with the poster and presentation? Seems like we could use that time to read the next book. He re-read Lord of the Rings (Shhh) because they had to read something by an English author written after 1890. Sure, wouldn't want them to pick Shakespeare or something.


truth said...

Oh yes, those costumes for books. My mom was great about those kinds of projects but boy did I dread it when my kids brought those home and wanted help.

Paula said...

Love, love the Boxcar Children. I bought the first one recently to read to Griff, but we're stuck on Goosebumps...

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

Sounds like school is going along well! We really enjoy the Boxcar Children and Abby just discovered Fancy Nancy! My mom found the Boxcar Children on cd's and they all love listening to them.