Friday, October 02, 2009

Funducational Friday

Hmm, this week. Well for fun we had Spanish Class and Homeschool PE. I don't think the kids care about the subjects but love the before and after when 20 kids run wild. Little anarchists my kids. Today we're going here Mississinewa 1812

F covered:
Finished reading Jake Drake, Class Clown~still working on his report
LA-lots of vocab, practice test taking in Spectrum workbook, punctuation&capitalization (again), author's purpose and comprehension tactics
Math-learning multiplication tables, he's got 1,2,3,5,10,11 down, also worked on telling time to the minute with an actual clock. I had to go buy one. Digital are all that's in the house.
Science-plants, specifically the process of photosynthesis. We also got library books about slime, fungus, and killer plants.
History-Greeks, watched some videos too and he is obsessed with The Odyssey. Putting out a cyclops' eye, sea monsters and whirlpools, people being turned into pigs. He loves the story. We read a child's version and he watched an old movie of it (Ulysses) with Kirk Douglas. Homer's got a hit on his hands.
He also worked on cursive. He hates having to write anything so this is slow going.

K is so easy
LA-reading simple words with phonics and learning sight words, trying to label drawings
Math-sorting, writing numbers to 100, counting by 10s
Science-plants and autumn leaves
History-she was there but not interested, she mostly played pet shop

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