Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bad Blogger

Well, try as I might, I just can't seem to post as often as I'd like. To catch you up (since if you're reading this you must be interested...go figure), Sunday was church and a bike ride. Of course the 3 year old has such little wheels on his bike this means the older four leave us in the dust. It also means I need tthe patience of a saint and just sort of sit on my bike and push Amelia and I ahead with my toe. Hmm, Monday was just the usual. Did laundry, cleaned house, scrubbed the bathroom. Sunday night dh and I watched a show called "How Clean Is Your House?" I was inspired to scrub after that. Yesterday I took F to pre-school and then L and I went biking again. I actually got to pedal that time. This morning I went to L's kindergarten class to help. My kudos to anyone who teaches school. What else? Oh, I was going to post menus , which are late but this seems to keep me on schedule so:
Wednesday: Veggie fried rice, oranges
Thursday: Homemade Pizza, pudding
Friday: BBQ Chicken, corn, broccoli, cookies
Saturday: Hamburger Stroganoff,peas&carrots,ice cream
Sunday: Turkey breast, sweet potatoes, green beans,apple crisp
Monday: Turkey&noodle soup, dinner rolls, fresh fruit
Tuesday: Spaghetti, broccoli, garlic toast, fudge bars

Last week I stuck pretty close to my menu. Now that the kids are busy it helps to know what I'm doing, at least as far as I ever know what I'm doing ;-)

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