Sunday, September 12, 2004

Menus and Groceries

Well, I'm a little late with the grocery list/menu plan. I'm purely copying Chris and Kmom's (I don't have the energy to figure out how to link that either) idea because
1) I'm feeling decidedly uncreative this evening
2) I went shopping yesterday and have all the reciepts
3) With school and kid activities back in full swing I need to be more organized.

Let me say I understand if your eyes are glazing over. Please feel free to skip on...
Ok..We'll start with breakfast. This week I'll make in no particular order:
eggs & toast
pancakes & sausage
oatmeal/cocoa wheats
hashbrowns and bananas

Saturday is usually find your own and Sunday I make something sweet--coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, etc
My kids and dh take lunches so it is usually either sandwich, fruit, juice, crackers, raw veg or pudding--they pick and pack. I just keep the stuff handy. They can also take leftovers in a thermos if they want. At home we eat leftovers or pbj.

Sunday- Steak, oven fries, salad and biscuits
Monday- Homemade mac&cheese with ham bits, broccoli
Tuesday-Meatloaf, carrots, potatoes and yeast rolls
Wednesday-chili(any leftover meatloaf goes in too), cornbread
Thursday-spaghetti (I'll add any leftover chili),green beans
Friday-chicken or cheese quesadillas, corn
Saturday-minestrone, garlic bread sticks

Oldest dd and myself usually too, don't eat meat so I usually take a small amount of a meat entree out for us so our spaghetti and chili are veggie, mac&cheese without ham. We always have a full fruit bowl or a big fruit salad in the fridge.

Now the grocery list. I don't have a set budget I just try to get the most for the least money. I of course have some stuff and home I don't have to buy each week.

sirloin $6.99
salisbury steak $1.69
skim milkx2 $3.98
corn $0.33
alfredo noodlesx2 $0.89
skillet dinner $0.89
applesauce $0.79
sandwich bags $1.69
italian saladx2 $2.98
cheese slices $2.69
frozen peas $0.79
corn chips $0.99
carrotsx2 $1.98
chick breasts $6.99
broccoli x2 $1.98
apple juice $0.69
sp rings x2 $1.00
butter $2.29
macaroni $0.50
cot cheese $1.59
cheese sticks $1.19
gummi bears $0.99
tuna $0.49
raisins $1.29
pbutter x2 $2.58
ravioli $0.59
tomato paste $0.33
turk ham $2.97
yogurts $1.69
grape juice $0.69
choc chips $0.99
avocado $0.79
fruit $1.39
lunch meat $2.60
gr sirloin $5.58
eggs x2 $1.18
sugar $1.79
english muffxw $1.18
12 pk mt dew $3.30
12 pk 7-up $3.30
pumpkinx2 $1.98
I think that's $78.61

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Griffmama said...

In days of old, I remember that your hubby was not a fan of vegetables.... thus grated carrots used to hide out in the lasagna or spaghetti sauce. Do you still resort to sneaky methods to get vegetables in his diet?!