Sunday, September 05, 2004

My New Baby

There she is, the object of my affection, the apple (har, har) or my eye, my newest baby. She is shiny and new, is uncorrupted and free of pbj print!! I did condescend to let oldest dd IM her friends, but it took all my maternal goodness, it really did.

A pretty quiet holiday weekend here. Friday oldst dd had a friend over, Saturday oldest ds had a friend over. No one else is coming over! It poured rain all day Friday and yesterday was cloudy. It is now stinking hot and humid. This reduces our options for fun considerably. We are definitely a go to the park, go swimming, go bike riding kind of family. Yesterday we all sat around trying to think of something to do or somewhere to go that was inside. We came up with nada. Dh took the boys off to a sporting goods store (Gander Mountain--or Gender Mountain as dd and I call it) to look for glow sticks. I might take dd to look for jeans when they get back, but I dread it. It is very hard to find something to fit her and what does fit her is "ugly" thus it becomes a tad tedious for dear old mom. On the bright side Mel is showing musical prowess

Ok, maybe maracas aren't really a musical instrument but when she stands up and rattles them her little moneymaker shakes. Maybe with a feather boa and a fruit bowl on her head she could make a living?

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