Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Labor Day

I warn you now, if you don't want to see a bunch of pics of my kids stop reading....ok now that only family members are left..
We went to the park for hours
We skated

We biked

We skated some more

Mom made us pose for some really lame pictures..note the thrilled looks on their faces, lol

Then we went to the kids favorite restaurant ---Ponderosa---I think it's the ice cream that's the big draw.

After this mom and dad collapsed with a beer in the swing.


Bernadette said...

Absolutely gorgeous, from the top down, or the bottom up!

Chris said...

Well, I'm not family and I like looking at pictures LOL.
What adorable kids....my kids give me those same thrilled expressions.

Sounds like you deserved a beer or three after all that ;-)

ma said...

Oh I'm considered family. Great pics! I haven't been posting either. I have a new front loader and I'm addicted to a video game.