Tuesday, September 14, 2004

"What do you DO all day?"

In response to Paula, after 17 years dh will now eat carrots, salad and broccoli. Not much but three more veggies than he ate when I met him, lol. Oh, and green peppers and onions if it's cooked in something. Most of the kids aren't any more thrilled than he is but they're still at my mercy.
A quick review of yesterday and this morning follows for my nephew who wonders what it is I do all day.
Monday: Cook breakfast and get all off to school. Run errands to the bank, bike shop and library. Take littlest two to the park. Come home, fix lunch, clean playroom, do dishes, vaccuum, bathe Mel. Make dinner to warm up later. When kids get home throw snacks at them and head right back out the door to a cross country meet. Carry 21 pound baby around cross country meet. Hurry home in time for mother of child I keep to pick her up, reheat said dinner, take L to dance, start laundry, supervise dishes and kitchen cleaning, pick up L, bathe F&L, call in dss from playing, reassert that it is dark and they need to shower, help check homework. Take E to dance, come home, put little three to bed, eat my own dinner, tell dss to go to bed, pick up E from dance, read paper, check computer and go to bed.
Tuesday: Breakfast and school thing. Take F to preschool, leave him kicking and screaming. Go home, take bike ride with Mel and L. Do L's homework, read stories, do dishes, hang laundry, check computer. Half day of school today so S wants to bake a cake and needs help with decimals. E plans to write a paper and will need spelling help. Etc. Etc. So that dear nephew is what I do all day. You will notice a shocking lack of TV and bon bons, lol.

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