Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Big City

Today I went to the big city..Indy. It's big , really (I hear all of you who live on the coasts laughing). I went to the Apple Store and bought a new 'puter! Yeah!!! My iMac has been taken over by the kids so I saved b-day and x-mas money and got a new eMac. It is so very cool. I'm still trying to get all my favorite stuff loaded on but I think I'm going to like it. While I was in Indy at the chi-chi poo-poo mall I looked around a little. I am either hopelessly rural, boringly practical or depressingly middle aged but it was all stuff I don't need or even want. Church or the school are about it for the dressing up occasions and I can't see doing the house in Pottery Barn when I'm still living with boxes and a freezer in the living room. I wanted to post a pic of the new 'puter but the batteries in the camera are dead. Hopefully I can take care of that tomorrow. On other fronts, would anyone like a snarky, whiny 10yo boy? I'll make you a great deal! Maybe even pay you to take him?? ;-)


Chris said...

I have a snarky whiny 9 yr old so NO WAY do I want another, no matter how much money you offer me ;-)

Griffmama said...

Next time you come to Indy, call your old London Centre traveling buddy. Would love to see you.