Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Catching Up

Catching up... Saturday was a huge cross country invitational that took up time. In the evening dd E watched the kids while dh and I went out for pizza. It was a rare occurrence but really nice. Sunday we took family time. The kids played in the leaves outside.

and Mel played inside with a pair of socks, lol. Who needs developmental toys ;-)

Monday was dance, girl scouts, and a boy scout committee meeting. Tuesday unfortunately was calling at the funeral home. A local man crashed his ultra light. He has a 7 year old daughter. It is very sad. This morning I'm babysitting so another mom could go to the funeral. These occassional wake up calls do make you think that you should quit worrying if they picked up their socks or left their toys in the yard and just enjoy being with them. If I get hit by a bus I don't want their memories to be all about me griping. On a brighter note we're going to the orchard this afternoon. According to the kids apples taste better if you pick them yourself.

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