Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Catching Up (on sleep for some)

Gee, do you see a pattern here?
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What else has been going on? S had his last basketball game yesterday. They won by one basket so a good end to the season. I cleaned up Mel's high chair and put it away (sniff). She's been sitting at the table and hasn't crawled around in the food or anything so there's no reason to keep it out. I've made three trips to the orthodontist since Friday. One trip to take off something, a trip yesterday to have all new brackets put on and a trip today because a bunch of the brackets they put on popped off about two hours after they glued them on. Grrrr! I let the kids be rowdy this morning hoping they'd be so sick of us they'd do a good job. I still need to get something ready for Easter and F's birthday but my shopping time was taken up by ortho appointments. I need to make lentil soup for E to take to school tomorrow too. It's part of a big project on middle eastern countries. I asked why she couldn't have chosen cucumber salad or something but nooooo.... Something tells me the chip and mountain dew kids in her class are going to leave lots of leftovers for our dinner tomorrow.


Jody said...

lol! Those pictures are hilarious!

Too cute!!

Chris said...

Oh to sleep like that again in this lifetime LOL

So adorable.
Oh, and a happy keester to you too ;-)