Friday, March 04, 2005


I seem to be thinking in lists lately. Here are just some things I'm wondering on this cold, drizzly (soon to be sleety no doubt) evening.

1) If all the neighborhood boys come to get your dd to play basketball, does that mean she's just 'one of the guys' or something else? This could be troubling either way.

2) Why are some adults such sticks in the mud. If you were a cub scout wouldn't you rather hoot and holler and run and be generally boisterous or sit quietly at tables. Heck, I know which I like better.

3) How did I end up with just 2 pair of jeans and three shirts in my closet? I need to go shopping (yuck, which probably explains the state of my closet). Do they have personal shoppers for the extrememly casual type?

4) Why do children who are feverish and pukish all day perk right up at bed time?

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Carmen said...

HA to number 4! My kids always feel better once they have missed enough school that they don't have time to go in late.