Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Fetch!

Today I'm 4!!! And my mom made a race track cake!
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F is my sweetheart. He is in EVERYTHING! A motion machine, but he grins and giggles and frankly gets away with it. The neighbor calls him Dennis the Menace... that pretty much sums him up. He spend quite alot of time in his chair at pre-school but... how can you resist that smile?

Easter was fun. Saturday I took the kids to the town Easter egg hunt, they got baskets yesterday morning. (note to self... do not start traditions like the Easter basket scavenger hunt, the kids will expect it every year), we went to church, hunted eggs in our yard after lunch and then had my dad and his wife over for birthday cake in the afternoon. It was gray but not too rainy so we squeezed in a bike ride.

It was discovered that Mel has a strong affinity (read can eat a half a bag) of marshmallow quacks.
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