Thursday, March 10, 2005

Plugging Along

The pounding, grunting, mumbled oaths and general griping from the kitchen make me glad we are paying to have the subfloor put in our kitchen which is neither plumb nor square. Dh and I have put down subfloor before. Let me put it this way, flooring is cheaper than a divorce lawyer. Hopefully they will finish the subfloor and vinyl tomorrow. Then our kitchen will no longer appear condemned.

DD is still sick with the flu. Her temp has hovered between 101 and 102 except for a thrilling interlude at 104.8. I am going to try to get her homework and if she's feeling better this weekend she can do it so she doesn't get behind. She is such a grade-a-holic that she'll stew and worry about it if I don't get it.

Tonight is kindergarten family night. This is basically a pitch in with a craft. Not really my idea of fun but L wants to go. I have saved calories today because the chance of finding something low calorie there is nil to none. I have managed to lose 2 pounds so far. If I could keep up that rate I'd be gorgeous (tic) by June, or at least not a bloated horror. Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about my pasty complexion so I'm just going for presentable.

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