Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Kitchen Or In My Own Little Corner In My Own Little Room

Only if your kitchen looked like this
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can you appreciate when it looks like this.
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The floor guys kept telling me how hard it was to put down the subfloor because the origanl floor is so old and wavy. Duh!!! That's why I hired THEM. The original part of our house is an old farmhouse onto which people have added and "improved". It therefore does not have an architectural style. When we moved in there was a decidedly '70's feel. Dh is not going to drywall the ceilings so I am stuck with that ugly ceiling tile but things are improving. Purple shag and panelling in the downstairs bedroom -gone. Paneling, homemade bar and kitchen carpet in the kitchen-gone. Added on backporch -gone. Now to rip up the green shag in the family/living room. I can't get in too big of a hurry though because it is a huge room and the cost of new wood flooring in there will most likely require another tax check or the selling of a child ;-). At least we don't have a weasel (though the neighbor has a skunk. Apparently it is the season to look for skunky love!)

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Kim said...

It looks GREAT Lisa!!! Congratulations!