Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So dh and I are standing in the sun, pushing F and Mel on the swings. A lovely, family moment, when he says "Boy, you're sure getting gray. I can see it really well here in the sun."

Did he think that comment would lead to a pre-work romp? It would please me so much I'd prepare him a scrumptious lunch? It would make for sweet conversation on the way home? Why are men clueless?

I am not a girly, girl but I'll be darned if I'm going to look like Mel's grandmother so I've ventured into the land of Nice & Easy. Cluelessness must be genetic. F kept asking me "Mom, why do you have a bread wrapper on your head? You look silly. You're not supposed to put plastic bags on your head!"

For the record, I am again a flirty reddish brown.


novaks8 said...

No grey here yet but I was noticing my "crow's feet" in the mirror this morning.


I see people I went to school with and thing "They look SO old"
Then I wonder if I do to them.

I have always looked very young for my age so that is a good thing.

Chris said...

I prefer to call mine blonde ;-)