Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!

Today the Princess is TWO!! How'd that happen? She was of course oblivious to the occasion, but figured she'd eat cake anyway!
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Running, climbing and temper tantrums are all accomplished with verve and vigor. You also have a scary grasp on your cuteness. Even stopping mid tantrum to flash strangers a winning grin, then return to your tantrum once they have passed on by, after giving me one of those "how can you make such an adorable child unhappy" looks. You like books, (especially Good Night Moon for some unfathomable reason.), playing in the cabinets and being outside. All the locks have been raised because you love being outside so much. You only say about 5 words, which is typical for my kids, but you understand directions so I know there is a sentient being in there. All in all you are sweet. Of course you may just be on to the fact that patting my face and giving kisses will keep the cakes coming.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday princess!

seems like just a few days ago we were both pg with our Oct 2 yos

Catherine (bread in the oven)

Chris said...

Happy Birthday!

Goodnight Moon is a favorite here too.

Annalise said...

Happy birthday :-)

She looks adorable :-)

Jody said...

Happy birthday!!

She is precious! I wish Mia had that much hair!

novaks8 said...

Good Night Moon is my 2 year old's favorite as well.

I haven't figured it out either!

Lisa said...

What cute kids!