Monday, October 10, 2005

Gray (or is it grey?)

It is a very gray (grey) day and I'm feeling decidedly gray as well. It is misting outside so no hanging laundry today. I let the little two go out, then had to give them a bath when they came in. So much for playing outside. Dh has been snarky since we had a disagreement last week. He goes through these cyclical periods of being difficult and depressed. I find it irritating. That certainly doesn't sound warm and loving does it. Today is the county 4th and 5th grade run. It will be packed with people. Maybe the rain will keep some home? Maybe I can watch from the car, lol. Afterall, you only really see them when they finish anyway.

On the bright side, I took C to Cub Scout Day at the zoo on Saturday. He really seemed to enjoy the one on one time. Sunday afternoon was L's Brownie Meeting. We have to go to another town for that, so I loaded everyone up and we played at a "new" park while we waited. They had a blast and were very tired. I made a fire, told them to bathe, we ate s'mores for supper and called it a day. I sincerely hope they remember parks and s'more suppers and let the grumpy mom days fade from their memory.


Annalise said...

Fwiw, I don't do well with difficult depressed people either.

The park day and s'more supper sound lovely.

And it's "grey". :-)

Jody said...

They will remember the s'mores.

And the hugs,

the kisses.

and all the love you give them.