Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's Time For Halloween Fun

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A busy holiday weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow is fall break for the kids from school. (Why not Monday? Who knows?) We are planning a picnic at the reservoir. It is supposed to be in the mid fifties which will seem like a heat wave. In the evening our little town has a Scarecrow Festival with apple bobbing, hay rides, etc. etc. C's Cub Scout group is having a cookout first and then we'll all go down to the festivities. As a Cub Scout leader though, this means I'll need to get stuff set up. I would enjoy all this except at the same time I'm supposed to be 'roastin' weenies' S has to be delivered to a Boy Scout camping trip. I think dh will be able to drop him off, providing no wrenches get thrown into the works. Saturday E wants to go to a movie with her friends so I'll need to arrange some car pool web and S will need picked up in the evening. Image hosted by Photobucket.comSunday I hope to carve pumpkins in the afternoon and a viewing of Charlie Brown (which makes me wax nostalgic). Monday I'm the party planner mom for F's pre-school Halloween party so I need to come up with games, crafts and treats before then. Monday evening, of course, is the piece de resistance, trick-or treats! A candypalooza. Image hosted by Of course, mommy gets first dibs on the good stuff. They can keep all the suckers and sugar babies though.

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Jody said...

Now that Quinn's surgery has been cancelled, we will get to enjoy the weekend with the kids. Pumpkin carving, candy apple making and a hayride and party on Monday.

Fun, fun, fun. I love Fall!