Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Still Drismally

Today 4yo ds announced he was "tired of this stupid drismally weather." I thought drismally pretty much summed up the outside. On the bright side I have no more cross country meets to attend, it's been chilly enough for cocoa for breakfast, I don't mind turning on the stove, which I was avoiding like the plague until 2 weeks ago, and dh watched the kidlets while I went to yoga class this evening. That was lovely and revived me. Perhaps I was a bit shrill and he thought it would behoove him to calm mama down. Whatever the reason, I feel much better.

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Paula said...

Funny, I find the dismal weather refreshing. I think it's the backlash from 9 years of living in AZ under the relentless sun. Having lived the rest of my life in Michigan, the 5th cloudiest state, the unchanging weather really depressed me.

Like you, I am thrilled to be able to turn on the stove! Good for you going to yoga!