Sunday, October 23, 2005

Never Teach Them to Sing

I taught 4yo the classic Coca-cola went to town song. He has sung it, incessantly, unceasingly, ad nauseum. Why oh why did I teach him that song?

Dh worked this weekend. I saw him briefly Friday evening. That was about it.

E went to a sleepover Friday night, came home and showered, and left for another Halloween bonfire and sleepover. She got home about 2pm Sunday.

S stayed with a friend Saturday night and came home about 4pm Sunday.

I took the youngest 4 to a Halloween Party, and to my dad's for a visit today. It rained all day but he took them out on the 4-wheeler anyway. Lots of fun now that the beans are in and they can careen across the fields. I'm sure this is unsafe, but will probably be a great memory some day, sort of like my feeling about driving fast down gravel roads riding in the bed of a pick up truck.

Thinking about my SILs in FL and hoping Wilma loses her umph.

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