Monday, May 15, 2006

Soggy Weekend Notes

* darn, ball games cancelled Friday night, I so wanted to sit in the rain on damp bleachers again

* maybe I should have qualified that wish for rain
* Hoodwinked was just ok, glad we saw it at the free movie

*still raining
*children express surprise that today is Mother's Day
*dh, aka gloomy gus, offers to take me out to eat, all restaurants are full, end up with a burrito
*do grocery shopping while I'm out

*enough of the rain already
*what kind of control freak am I, why should dh's mood effect mine? but it does darn it, quit griping already (yes, I see the irony there)


Annalise said...

Fwiw, Bobby's moods always affect mine - yet he is pretty much impervious to mine. Maybe it is a man/woman thing.

Lori said...

It's been soggy here too, nonstop! Hoping for warm, sunshiney days!!