Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School's Out!!

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*Whenever I say school's out, I sing that stupid Alice Cooper song in my head

*The kid's did really well.

*E graduated 8th grade with the highest GPA in the class. C got straight As. S got 3 As and 3Bs. His siblings are ridiculing him, lol!

*L in first grade gets numbers. She got 1s. Do they think kids can't equate 1s with As?

*Swimming can now count as a bath.

*It doesn't matter if we can find socks.

*They can wear the jeans that have the leg held on by a thread.

*If the baseball game goes on until 10:30 it's ok.

*They have plenty of time to get their chores done.



The Green Family said...

My kids still have a few more weeks left of school...I'm gonna keep my sanity...I'm gonna keep my sanity...I'm gonna keep my sanity(if I say it enough, I will begin to believe it :)
I love your list!
I took bath my children in the pool and throw out the socks till Sept.! alarm clock till Sept!!!!

truth said...

I love summer too. Mine don't get out until June 1st, so we still have a few days left for hunting down socks. Why doesn't the school allow flip-flops?

Kim said...

I'm so jealous! We have until June 21st until we're free. Our lists of what's best about summer are the same. :o)

Congratulations! Enjoy your summer!

Paula said...

I love the list. We are limping to the finish line. Sitting here looking at my dd who missed the bus, her 2nd time in 2 weeks, 3 others have also missed bus in recent weeks. Can you tell we are staying up too late as though it were already summer?

Annalise said...

Congrats to all the kids, and enjoy the summer!

We have a week off this next week, and then another half-term of school. My kids only start their summer vacation on the 26th of JULY! And school starts again around Sept 7. Feels very wrong to us ... though they did get a lot more holiday at Christmas and Easter than they would have got in the US.

Lori said...

Our last day here was today, Thursday. Everyone is so excited!!