Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

We've played too hard the past few days. I am tired. We've been to cookouts, birthday parties, and Minor League ball games,(just in case t-ball, coaches pitch, little league and girl's softball weren't enough). I've replaced roof shingles, set up the pool, been running with E, planted flowers and unbelievably bought myself a few clothes. I don't like to shop but even dh was noting the sad shape of my summer stuff. I remember buying stuff after C was born 9 years ago and not really since. I was pregnant three of those summers, some people gave me some stuff,etc. and I just never bought much. Probably a couple polo shirts and a pair of khakis for church but I went a little crazy on Saturday. I got a swimsuit, khaki skirt, khaki shorts, three tank tops and a purple peasant blousy thing. It was a good sale though, I thnk I only spent like $50. I hope it lasts nine more years, LOL! Today I'm going to drop the oldest three to see X-Men 3 and take the younger three to a park. A shady park. Yesterday's baseball game in 95 degree heat has left me a little wilted.

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