Thursday, May 18, 2006

Noah, Noah

Hurry up on that ark already! I am sick unto death of rain. It's been raining for 8 days. Yesterday it held off until 5:35. I of course had unloaded my kids at the park for a ball game at 5:30. Right now it is very dark and windy, another thunderstorm will probably hit at 1:00pm,since that is when the library opens.

E left for her 8th grade trip on yesterday morning at 6:30am. Tonight they are supposed to have dinner on a cruise on the Ohio river. I hope the weather their is better for them. This weekend should be really busy if it stops raining. Ball pics and practices, dance dress rehearsal, dance recital and brownie meeting. On the bright side Tuesday is the kids' last day of school. Yeah!! No more lunch packing, school events, meetings,etc. I'm looking forward to it as much as they are.


Paula said...

It finally stopped raining here today--we've had the same weather as you, and I have been feeling glad that I live on a hill, especially with a large river nearby.

Dot said...

Ditto here on the rain!!!!

Boy, do your kids get out of school early. Mine won't be out till mid-June. When do yours start? Michigan just passed a law and the kids won't start till after labor day this year. I think they will be deleting some of the days off thru the year instead of extending it.