Friday, May 05, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Bits and pieces is what I feel like I have left after a hectic week. One more week of craziness and then things slow down.

* This may be the only graduation this one ever attends so let's enjoy the pic.
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He is staring to the side because that was where the cookie table was located. I spent all day reminding him to sing loud and speak clearly. Big mistake! He shouted all the words. No problem hearing him. It's never good when afterwards people smile and tell you what a "character" your kid is.

* S survived three track meets this week and is spending the weekend camping with Scouts

* E survived three major school presentations and is going to an all night party both Friday and Saturday night

* L is invited to a skating birthday party on Saturday and a swimming one next week

* who are these people who throw elaborate parties for their kids?

* may a curse be upon all parents who take their dd to Build-A-Bear and pay $50 for a $3 stuffed animal and thus make your dd lust for same

*this weekend also includes three baseball practices and a brownie meeting

*how come I get so tired of running them around and listening to the bickering but it is TOO quiet when three are gone at once?

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