Friday, November 13, 2009

Funducational Friday

We shook things up today. We are about 20 days ahead of the public school on days attended so I've decided twice a month we're going to try One-Hour A Day Homeschool. Basically I'll give history and science 20 minutes/ 20 minutes to reading and LA/ and 20 minutes to math. We got a surprising amount done. The rest of the day is for puzzles, educational videos, playing outside, reading, exploring, educational games, etc. That's pretty much what gets done anyway but lessons usually last more like 3 hours total. Since F was excited about having a 'short day' we got started at 7am. We're up anyway so why not. He watched Bill Nye on states of matter and the beginning of a documentary on Rome and Julius Caesar. We did a math review, worked on proper capitalization and punctuation in correspondence and he read to me from the ancient readers we like. We've been zooming along. We finally finished the Greeks and a bit of ancient China . Science has been states of matter, the concepts of atoms and molecules and metric vs customary measurement. Math has been a big review or all our topics up to this point. His retention is not good, even if he has passed a test with flying colors earlier. It seems every 6 weeks or so it pays to review all the big topics. LA was a study of community to tie into our Spanish classes. Capitalization, punctuation and double negatives were also tied into LA.

In more interesting life, the older two boys are going with their scout troop to Marengo Caves for the weekend. Oldest dd will be going to a friends orchestra performance on Friday and shopping with another friend on Saturday. Saturday is the Cub Scout Food Drive so I'll be shepherding
far too many 6-11 year old boys around town. We're having the Girl Scouts chip in to help this year so L and Mel will go too. Ad's is just along for the ride providing she'll stay in the stroller. I'm seriously considering lacing her juice with benadryl. (Before you call CPS, yes I'm joking.)

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