Saturday, November 21, 2009

School Saturday

So a naturally organized person would keep all these posts on the same day, so they could be found. Since I don't fit that description I had to wait until the big light bulb went off over my head and I said "Doh!". Why not put all those posts on Saturday. Oooh, I am quick. So here's the review

SHE CAN READ. She decoded that classic "The Cat Sat on the Mat". It's not Shakespeare but you've got to start somewhere. She also goes around informing us of addition facts so I'm not worried about her. She also spent tons of time painting and creating some sort of 'gun' out of empty pop cans and cardboard with her brother.

LA-Worked on capitalization and punctuation. He can spot it in other's work but forgets it in his own. We also worked on those pesky commas. He read from his reader about Galileo & Copernicus, The Phases of the Moon, Neil Armstrong and The Nine Planets. Ooops that's the only problem with using a reader from 1975. We then watched Bill Nye tell us why Pluto doesn't make the cut anymore. Read alouds Has been The Sword in the Tree. He's also been reading MTH about Pompei whose title escapes me.

Math-Two part story problems. He got better as the week progressed. Still working on completely memorizing the times tables too.

Science-Not a great week and it was my fault. We did a little astronomy and health. He complained about how they used to get to watch a movie about teeth in school. What a weird thing to miss. Anyway, I found some neat games on the ADA website and let him do that one day.

History-Still progressing through Rome. I hope to finish that the end of semester at the beginning of January and finish up to the Renaissance by May. Then we can go to American history next year and throw world exploration in there.

Friday we went to Beauty and the Beast. Since it was 2 1/2 hours and there was an hour travel time, etc. I called that the day.

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NannyOgg said...

Reading is GREAT! Congrats to Mel!

And I SPIT on naturally organized persons, it is just WRONG ^^ Glad you aren't one either.