Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was trolling around listlessly surfing when I cam on this aritcle about homeschool schedules. Some people have none, some people are ruthlessly organized. I'm somewhere in the middle I guess. I only have some framework because otherwise we'd do nothing. F would be happy playing x-box all day and living on Mt. Dew and doritos. So we've worked our way to this

5:00-I'm up, coffee, make breakfast for dh
6:00-teens up, talk, more coffee
7:00-get F and Ads out of bed, F lays on couch, get baby (she is too) dressed, pottied, fed, more coffee
8:00-middle school and 5th grader to school, get F fed (maybe), have him do his chores, pry him off games
All school times are approximate, I don't obsessively watch the clock
8:30-Mickey Mouse for Miss Ads and our read aloud time snuggled in my bedroom, we read until we hit a good stopping point, some days are longer than others
9-9:30-math, critical thinking puzzles
9:50-language arts, grammar
10:15-independent reading (me shower)

He manages to play a little Wii in there or go outside if it's nice and finally eat something. I look at some people's schedules and I feel like we are so lazy. Other people make me feel like I push too hard. I know it's an individual thing but I'm a comparer. Always have been. On the bright side, I'm still probably hitting more content that the PS and I tallied up our projected school days and since we worked through the summer 4 days/week we'll be at 214 days which is over the 180 needed. And yes, I know they learn stuff all the time but I'm not sure I want to count watching Mythbusters and reading Magic Tree House books as school, even though they are valuable, KWIM? Oh, and I reserve the right to throw all this out the window if something more interesting comes up!


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