Monday, November 09, 2009

Rolling On

The weather was unusually pleasant this weekend so the kids were out, out, out! This has the added benefit of making them fall asleep. Oh yeah! I'm not sure what the picnic table has to do with this but it seemed integral to whatever they were playing.

We didn't run much now that soccer is over and it wasn't a holiday weekend. I feel about 100 times better even if no one else does. The Colts managed to pull it out yesterday and I made milkshakes and passed it off as supper. That's really all it takes to make my weekend good.
Menus this week:
Mon-Calzones, relishes, oranges
Tue-Pierogi casserole, cole slaw, applesauce
Wed-Bean & cheese burritos, corn, kiwi
Thu-Ravioli and broccoli dish, strawberries
Fri-Shipwreck casserole, fruit salad
Sat-Burgers, fries, relishes

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