Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tired Tuesday

I feel the approaching holiday and pretty much want to make it a week off. I think the gray weather isn't helping. I can stand the cold but some sunshine would really help. We're just doing Thanksgiving here with just us this year. My kids are totally bummed out about not going to their grandpa's. His wife is not feeling well this year though, and they don't want to come over. Too many bugs around they say. My brother, SIL and nephew will go to her sister's so....it's just us. I have to agree with the kids it doesn't feel very festive. To add to that, my kids aren't really into traditional Thanksgiving fare. Except pumpkin pie. If I served only that and some cheese and crackers they'd be happy. I'm making a turkey though for dh and I at least, maybe some sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rolls and broccoli ought to do it. Maybe the problem is that if you substituted chicken for turkey we eat like that about once a month. As for that other holiday, I'm firmly ignoring it.

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