Monday, August 30, 2004

Too Hot!

Nope, I'm not talking about me in shorts, lol. Friday and Saturday were so humid I felt like I couldn't move. Of course Friday was the day I absolutely had to go to the laundromat. It was so humid there I swear there was fog in the air. L, F , Mel and I took a walk across the blacktop parking lot to cool off. When 90 degrees and blacktop is inviting perhaps it's time to install air conditioning in the laundromat. E was nearly melted when I picked her up from cross country practice. Saturday E was marching in a parade in a nearby town with the school band so we went. All the kids had fun gathering candy. It must be the hunter/gatherer coming out. Seems to me it would be easier to go buy some than stand outside in the heat rushing into traffic to pick up melted tootsie rolls and suckers. It rained Saturday night and blessedly cooled off some Sunday. For some reason though everyone was in a bad mood. E was having a hissy about some school project (which isn't due until the 7th of Sept., how can a child of mine not be a procrastinator?), S was just disrespectful, C kept fighting with L and F asked his new favorite question every 5 seconds...But why mommy? About 6:00pm mommy lost her temper. Everyone left me alone after that. If I'd known I would have had my own hissy fit earlier :-P

Car Conversation:

Why is daddy at work?
To make money for us?
But why mommy?
So we can buy food and have a house.
But why mommy?
We like to eat and have a bed right.
But why mommy?
Because we get hungry?
But why mommy?
Because we need to eat to live?
But why mommy?
I wonder why too! (Contemplating why the fates have sucked me into this conversation)
Oh, because mommy!

I should have asked why back earlier!

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