Sunday, November 28, 2004

I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

Doing a quick catch up... We awoke Thanksgiving morning to snow. It melted off by evening but the kids had a blast. F and L even went out in the morning in their pjs. These pics are poor because mommy stood inside to take them.

We had a nice day. The kids played outside alot. We played games in the evening. This is an act of LOVE. I am not really a big game person except for cards but I gamely sat through Cadoo, Chinese Checkers and Mancala. The funny comment of the day came from S. "Why are snowmen single? They have snow balls." Ah, 10 year old humor.

Friday was our town Christmas lighting and the appearance of Santa. I asked L who is 6 what she told Santa. She told him she had been, very, very, very, very, very, exceptionally good. I guess all the verys weren't emphatic enough. I asked F who is 3 what he asked Santa for. He said "A sucker." LOL. His wants are few.

Saturday I splurged and took the oldest four kids to the Incredibles. They had wanted to see it and I had the opportunity. It also poured rain all day so it seemed like a good time. They enjoyed it but I sure couldn't afford to do movies very often.

Today I went to Lowe's. I know there are people who enjoy remodeling and decorating. I would like to state for the record I am not one of them.

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