Monday, November 22, 2004

What weekend?

It is now Monday and I can rest awhile. When did weekends get so busy? Was it when mom's went to work so things needed shifted or was it when we all thought every hour needs to be filled? I keep my kids activities to a minimum but with six of them the time seems to disappear. Saturday included three kids with basketball practice, two kids in a dance recital, a church bazaar where I needed to help and a church supper. Sunday was church, one kid staying there for youth group putting up the tree then all of us returning for supper and Hanging of the Greens. The kids did have a blast Sunday night. The kids all go downstairs and just run around. Ah, unstructured play without adult intervention. I hope it makes a good holiday memory for them. "Hey, remember when we'd all go to the basement and play chase and dodge pillow?" Before everyone comments that I could just take my kids out of all activities, we tried this. There is literally no one at the parks or playing in town for the kids to play with. Most of their close friends live on farms too far to bike ride to or in another little town 10 miles away that uses the same school. Remember when everyone ran around and it was easy to find a group to play with. I guess they should be glad they at least have some sibs to play with.

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