Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Not Native Friendly

What started as a simple "What I made at Kindergarten" pose

turned into some kind of underage Chippendale's thing

Tomorrow we will be feasting by ourselves since we are a burden to others :-P but tonight I made homemade pizza and let the kids have pop (not something they get very often). My 8 year old announced that this was the best meal ever!!! Could we please have it again tomorrow?


Sherry said...

Sounds like my house tonight. However, no pop here for my childen. Still too young. Frozen pizza, and let them stay up later than usual, and I prepared food for tomorrow..
Happy Thanksgiving

Chris said...

ROTFLOL!!!! My kids just gathered around me to see what was so funny. That third picture just killed me.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :-)

Bernadette said...

Boys will, indeed, be boys! Ah, for the simple demands of an 8 year old!