Monday, November 29, 2004

Just So You'll Know

I don't think being outside causes illness. I think germs cause illness (and then only sometimes). If my kids want to go outside with no coat and no hat and no shoes when it's 32 degrees and sleeting it's ok with me. When they are cold they will come back inside. Don't feel you need to call me about it! If you see them practicing their hatchet throwing or sacrificing small animals THAT would be the time to call me.


Carmen said...

I have the same exact conversation with my husband alllll the time. He makes me crazy. He is constantly adding coats to whatever outfits the kids have put on for the day, even if it is 65 degrees out!

Jody said...

LOL!! I agree 100%. We live in a small town, and I get lectured all the time by the older ladies about "putting a hat on that baby" and "shame on you for bringing a baby out in the rain", not to mention this timeless one "don't bring the baby out in the wind, she'll get colic".

Also, did you know that in addition to causing colic, the wind is also the reason kids get ear infections? I get that one alot too!