Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sad Week

Well, this week is not shaping up too well. Monday one of my husband's coworkers was killed in a car accident. Later that evening I found out a woman I am aquainted with (kids on same teams, kids in same pre-school) has a mass in her lung. They will be doing surgery tomorrow. Her kids are 18,10 and 8. Now kim has posted about a tragedy in her church. All this makes me very sad and reminds me you really don't know when you get up in the morning what will happen. Hug your kids, even the annoying, runny nosed, whiny ones.

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Griffmama said...

Must be the week for tragedy. A friend from high school (my oldest brother's class) died of breast cancer Monday - 3 kids under the age of 16. Her brother died in an accident the summer after he graduated from high school, so now her parents are experiencing the grief of having both their children die before them. I definitely have kissed Griffin about 100 more times this week than I usually do!