Friday, November 05, 2004

This Week in Fast Forward

Tuesday: voted, dusted drywall,ran kids to various events
Wednesday: helped in L's kindergarten class, decided perhaps my kids are ok afterall, cleaned,
laundered and committed housewifelyness, yuck
Thursday: primed new bath and bedroom and existing dining room (like we dine there ?), was a
planner for S's Family Fun Night at school so made sure of drinks, enough food, games,
Friday: got groceries, E has a friend staying over, they are going to the middle school dance
tonight. I forgot how much effort goes into looking good so you can stand in a dark

Coming Attractions: Tomorrow is the Cub Scout Food Drive-- this involves walking around town for
hours while trying to keep 8 and 9 yr old boys polite, helpful and alive since
none of them possess the ability to pay attention to the road they are walking
down. I see a bottle of wine in the future for Sat night!!

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