Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring Break!

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The kids are officially on spring break. Yeah!! They seem pretty burned out (and I could use a break from homework help/poster board delivery myself). Unlike what seems like 75% of the people we know we will not be going to Florida, Carolina, Alabama or anywhere else sunny, sandy and resort like. We do have more things we want to do than time I think. They have mentioned going to friends/friends staying here, baseball games, movies, shopping, library trips, the zoo or the children's museum, Pizza Hut or Ponderosa, hiking and parks. Considering I also scheduled eye appointment, shot appointments and the dire need to get dd some jeans it sounds like a full schedule. E's birthday is coming up next Friday but since her friends have fled to the above mentioned warmer latitudes her party will be postponed. I'm considering a trip to the wine shop just in case the weather turns miserable and they are stuck inside playing too much gamecube and getting on each others nerves.


Jody said...

How about a day trip to Shipshewana?

LX-PS said...

Go see my blog !