Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had an unanticipated break there. It was pointed out to me that there is a holiday coming and we, our family, was the only one who seemed unaware of it. No treats, no cookies, no nativity, no tree (and though some don't know it, no presents either). I was forced to actually participate in life. Blah! I claimed that we are going for a 'minimalist' Christmas this year but I did put a string of lights and santa on the porch.

I got out one nativity. I usually put out six or seven but an inquisitive two year old and breakables in reach don't seem to be a congruent state of affairs.

I went and bought a tree. It is currently residing in the pick up in the garage but we will bring it in right after I saw off some of the bottom.

I've baked 4 huge batches of cookies and made candy/treats.

Phil was off yesterday so I went to the stores. One of the problems was that I so seldom go to stores, especially toy stores or departments, that I was flumoxed by the prices and choices. Woe to the parent looking for simple, non-battery powered toys. The second problem was that the low oil light came on. I got pulled over and tended to the problem once I figured out where dh had hidden the oil and pliers (used to open hood).

Now I just need to wrap, set up tree, bake, buy food for the actual dinner, cook said dinner and go to all functions noted on my calendar. I'm feeling very Sheldon.

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Paula said...

This show is an absolute scream! It's the only sit com I've watched in years.