Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Week In The Life Of Me~Friday

Coming into the homestretch of the week except of course life doesn't really slow down on the weekends. I guess I'm just programmed from years of school and work to think it's relief day. I got up with Phil and made breakfast for everyone. Ok, microwave bacon and pancakes isn't really cooking, but it counts at 6am I think. The older kids got ready for school, I yelled at everyone to do their chores and the day started. Friday's we try to keep more 'fun'. I played multiplication War (card game) with F to cement the times tables he knows. Mel played Starfall. We did our read aloud. I baked cupcakes and Mel measured and ssssllllooowwwwlllly read the directions. I dictated a grocery list for them to spell. I had F check my balancing of the checkbook. He is the kind of kid who is much more likely to do that than a worksheet. F watched more of BBC Julius Caesar and they both watched Bill Nye. After lunch we got groceries. This is a two cart, two hour event. Yuck! we got home as the older boys got back from school so I let them drag it in. Pizza again requested for dinner (they're pizzatarians I tell ya') so I got busy with that. I assigned some cleaning jobs so the place would look good. I spent quite a bit of time this week decluttering and getting rid of things so it wasn't too difficult for them. After supper I took everyone (except E and Ads) to the Boy Scout Christmas swim party. Bad mommy admission. I chatted with the other parents for the prescribed amount of time, then I took a glorious hour to listen to podcasts without anyone criticizing my choices (Stuff You Missed in History Class thankyouverymuch) and leafing through some magazines from the library. It was almost like visiting a spa.

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michelle said...

And I thought I had a busy week! I guess as moms we are all busy and as homeschool moms we are doubly busy!