Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday ~Christmas Plans

Last year we tried an experiment where I made sure I had lots of fun low cost options planned. This saved spending a lot on entertainment and made our scaled back Christmas seem merry anyway. This year I'm planning

Dec. 3-library party and pet a reindeer (for youngest 4)
Dec. 4-A Visit to Bethelehem
Dec. 5-make gingerbread house
Dec. 9-Spanish class Mexican Christmas Party
Dec. 10-live nativity and village
Dec. 11-Boy Scout Swim Party for Family
Dec. 12-C's birthday

Dec. 18-buy tree
Dec 19-decorate tree
Dec 20- Cub Scout party for whole family, meal and gifts
Dec 21-band concert
Dec 23-everyone can have a friend over to play
Dec 24-free ice skating and church
Dec 25-Phil is working but I'm still thinking we'll have fun

Dec 28-trip to IN state museum
Dec 30-maybe tobogganing or laser tag (both will be Christmas coupons)
Dec 31-teens will go out, the rest of us will stay home and play games
Jan 6 - Twelfth Night~ we have cake and open one more present (small) and chalk the door


Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

Looks like you have some fun stuff planned for your kids! Thanks for the tip about the Children's museum being free on chritsmas Eve! We just may take advantage of that! Talk to you soon!

Paula said...

You need to write a book about living abundantly on almost nothing!