Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Week In The Life Of Me~Wednesday

Um, coffee, cook, coffee, listen to Mel read, coffee, tell kids to do their chores, coffee, shower, coffee, start laundry,...
A good school morning. We reviewed more grammar, worked on the 7's time tables, finished our read aloud, read history and looked at vertebrates. We grabbed a lunch of leftover spaghetti and I got a meatloaf ready for dinner so I could throw it in the oven later. All three got showered/bathed and we went to Spanish class. After that they ran around in the howling wind for what seemed like a long time to me, then we picked up a prescription and drove to Walmart (ick) to find C a belt. The kids dropped some money in the Salvation Army kettle and thus were sticky from the candy cane they got, so we washed up while there too. We made it home through the blizzard winds. Thank goodness we only got the wind and our precipitation was in the form of rain vs. the snow west of us. C and S had a dentist appointment so I dropped them off and told them to call me when they were done. I started the meatloaf, finally dug up some Christmas decorations (because I'm all Scroogy this year). I put up the socks (by the chimney with care I might add) and a nativity. That may be it along with the tree if I ever get one. I picked up the boys, we ate dinner, I read to the kids and then Mythbusters came on. I fell asleep snuggled in the recliner with L. I'm not sure how that happened because at 5ft and 85 pounds she's not exactly cuddly. I came to and went to bed. I told the kids to just turn off the tv and sleep where they were if they wanted. Shhh, don't tell the good mommy police.

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Paula said...

How the hell do you remember all that detail from the day?!