Monday, December 07, 2009

A Week In The Life Of Me

Yeah, I know, less than riveting but that seems to be the story of my blog lately. I got the idea from An Organized Mess. That's right, not one original thought left in my head. So....starting with the past weekend since I haven't done today yet.

Saturday~Up and at em'. S had to be at the high school at 6:30am to catch the bus to Chicago with German Club. ( I ran back home and got C up. He was to help another scout with his Eagle project. I dropped him off and swung by the library and picked up a book I had on hold. I let Ads play with the puzzles and such for awhile and then went to Walmart. I was looking for Christmas presents but was sadly disappointed. No deals and it pretty much all looked like junk. I eventually went back to pick up C and drove home. The problem with these trips is that it takes an hour round trip so I put 64 miles on the car and wasted 2 hours of my life. I fed the kids and Phil and I decided to walk over to the local Bargain Basement at the old school. Yippee! We hit the jackpot. They actually had a stuffed unicorn which was Mel's sole Christmas request. What are the odds? I picked up a few other things but for $10 I had two sacks full of things. Score! We came home and F had some friends over. This did not end well. They were rowdy and not listening. I sent them home at 3:30 and ordered the kids OUT of the house. Of course Ads wanted to play too. Phil and I went outside with them and her for about 1/2 hour. It was 20 degrees so it seemed longer. We also discovered the boys had pulled the trampoline under the basketball goal and nearly pulled down the backboard. We moved the trampoline so they won't brain themselves and may I say this added to my irritation with F and his friends. We came in and I started homemade pizza. Eventually we ate and I got the two littles bathed and did the hair washing/combing/screaming thing. F and L showered. I made a gingerbread house with L, F and Mel. Ad's helped. At that point mom's nerves were stretched a bit. I took them upstairs. I read a couple picture books to the girlies and then F and I read some more of his Alec Flint book. Lights out by 8:30. It was noted I'm a really mean mom. I came back down stairs and flipped through the tv channels while Phil snored. I read until 11:00 when S called and I made the hour round trip again to pick him up. At that point I crashed. I was trying to read more, because it's a good book, but the sound of it dropping out of my hand and hitting the floor indicated to me I should call it a night.

Sunday~ I took the youngest four to Sunday School and church. Dh took C to Fort Wayne for birthday shopping. I came home and made lunch. S and E were working on homework. I watched some of the Colts game and then it was time to go to Girl Scouts with L. We had a little Christmas party and I tried to teach them to crochet. I came home and Phil had made the kids milkshakes for dinner. No cooking for me. Phil and I braved the cold for a little walk about 6pm. We came home and had frozen pizza and the kids ate again. Because we are geeks we watched Clash of the Dinosaurs and went to bed. Try not to be jealous of all that fun this weekend, lol.

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michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my week. I look forward to reading about your week.